What is Chiropractic?

So, what is Chiropractic?

We express life through our nervous system. Your body is a sensation receiving organism. A network of nerves carries information from your internal and external environment to your brain. The brain makes sense of this input and responds.

Stresses and strains in life can cause a ‘disconnect’ between the brain and the body communication. Think of our care as a software update to get your brain and body communicating better.

Symptoms are your body’s warning light

Just as the red light on your dash goes off, if something’s wrong with your vehicle, a symptom such as pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. It doesn’t mean that it’s serious, but it needs to be checked out.

As Chiropractors, our job is to rule out anything serious. Then we can provide chiropractic to address the issue.

Dialling down the stress

If you see someone is stressed, they will display that in their body; tension in their neck, shoulders, back and even jaw muscles. Bringing the body back into alignment, reduces stress in the nervous system.

By changing your body, your brain perceives less stress, so you can transition from the sympathetic state to the parasympathetic state, which is more relaxed.

What makes us unique

We practice a form of chiropractic called Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) and Cranial Technique.

Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) is a highly accurate and effective method of assessing and correcting spinal subluxation and postural distortion patterns in the human body.  

SOT is the culmination of the life’s work of Major DeJarnette who was both a Chiropractor and an Osteopath.  DeJarnette understood the complexities of the human form. He researched and wrote over 100 books and several hundred papers of his observations.   He developed an understanding that the body will distort, adapt and compensate to subluxation patterns in the cranium, spine and pelvis.  He created SOT as a way of restoring normal structure to the musculoskeletal body and therefore normal functioning to the brain and spinal cord, which has been affected by such distortion.

SOT is studied postgraduate to basic Chiropractic education. Successful application of SOT has helped many hundreds of thousand people worldwide. Research providing evidence of DeJarnette’s work continues.

How is SOT different?

SOT chiropractors require an in-depth knowledge of anatomy pertaining to the pelvis, spine and cranium. Specific forces are transmitted through the body.  Like a suspension bridge our bodies respond to the loads placed on it. When part of the suspension bridge is weakened the entire bridge structure has to respond and adapt to the loads placed on it.  The human body also has a “moving architecture” that will adapt and compensate to the strains placed on it.

The stresses we place on the body may be considered normal life; occupational, stress related, posture habits, sporting activities.  How well your body responds to such stress is dependant on so many factors; birth trauma, cranio-dental issues, previous injury, posture-type, stress levels, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet.

SOT chiropractors have an understanding of how different layers of the body’s anatomy from muscle to fascia to joints will respond to subluxation patterns.  Using a specific SOT category system developed by DeJarnette to identify and treat different subluxation/ postural distortion patterns. 

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