Your journey to Health

Healing is not linear – often, it is a bumpy ride!

When we find ourselves unwell or struggling with a health challenge, we just want the symptoms to stop. It might be a headache, a sore shoulder or stomach ache.

At that moment, reaching for a painkiller can help with the pain. Generally, we consider the symptom going away a signal that we are “better”. But have you really healed from the underlying problem? What got you there in the first place?

Usually, there was a decline in our health or deconditioning of our body before that symptom showed up.

Reversing that process can take time, and that journey to better health can be a bit up and down. It’s not as simple as a switch to turn the symptom off longer term.

Healing can mean a reduced intensity or frequency of the symptom at first. As we reverse the conditions that got you to the symptom in the first place, symptoms can still very much be present, and even felt strongly some days.

Still, as long as the overall view is that you are making changes and improvements that are heading in the direction of healing then this is part of that bumpy healing journey.

Conscious healing

Your thoughts create your reality.

There is a reason for putting the mind at the top of this hierarchy of healing. What you think about the health challenge you have will influence your healing.

The story you have about your problem, how strongly your health challenge has become part of who you are and the way you experience your day-to-day life, the previous health professionals you have seen and the language they used to explain your problem to you. All of this creates your understanding of the problem and influences how you experience it.

There is a natural change in your behaviours when we have pain to protect the injury. However, this can lead to fear and avoiding experiencing symptoms and the fear of making it worse.

I have met many people for whom the original injury is no longer the problem. Still, the pain of that injury has become so hardwired into their nervous system that they are in a loop of chronic pain.

Physical healing

How often do you consciously think about the way you stand? Where do you direct your breath when you breathe?

How often is your time spent in your head and not being aware of the experience of your physical body?

Yes, when we experience pain in our body, this can demand our full attention. But before we develop a problem that causes us discomfort, there is often a long period of ignoring and neglecting our bodies - our postural habits, sleeping preference, sitting positions, holding stress and tension in our body, old and new injuries, occupations and hobbies all influence how often we move (or not!); these all affect how our bodies move.

Ewell chiro is a place to experience being comfortable in your body. Using chiropractic technique to work hands-on with your physical body brings ease of movement, alignment, and symmetry back to your physical form.

Re-education of how you move and experience your body, reducing stress to joints and your nervous system. Using postural awareness, balance and strength exercises, and embodiment techniques, you will consciously inhabit your body.

Like rebooting your system or software updating the body to the brain and vice versa.

Nutritional healing

You are what you eat. Food is information for your body and what you eat is either moving you toward health or away from health.

When we want the body to heal, it is essential to give it the building blocks to repair damaged tissues. Poor nutrition can result in poor repair of muscles, ligaments, and joints that may have even contributed to the reason for the injury in the first place.

Body pain is not always due to mechanical dysfunction. Your internal body chemistry can determine whether you experience pain and neuro-inflammation. Foods you eat can trigger low-grade inflammation in your body – this can be experienced as pain and stiffness.

Deficiencies in certain key vitamins and minerals can tip your body toward low-grade inflammation. Without key nutrients, your body will become inflamed and hypersensitive. Your body will hurt, you won’t sleep well, and you can become depressed.

You may have set the scene for an injury to occur because your body is inflamed. Then your tissues are not resilient – that can explain why such a small thing like leaning forward to pick up a cup was enough to ‘put your back out.’


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