Nutritionist in Epsom & Ewell

Nutrition with Carmen takes a holistic, naturopathic approach to your health and nutrition. Working to support all the systems within your body. Each plan will be tailored to your body's needs alongside any goals you may have.

Carmen Lennox
Nutritional Therapist

Registered with the ANP.

20 minutes
Free nutrition introduction call

If you would like to have a chat with Carmen about your specifics needs that you would like to support with nutrition before booking a nutrition package. This can be a call, online or in person. Please leave a note on your appointment to specify.

60 minutes
Nutrition initial consultation kickstart package
  • A deep dive into your health history, diet and lifestyle habits to create a whole picture of how your body is functioning.
  • A follow up (typically 4-6 weeks after your plan feedback session) to see how the plan has gone and make necessary adjustments.

Carmen aims to make eating not only as nutritious as it can be for your body but also as enjoyable as it can be. Removing any confusion and fuss about what to eat. 

Each plan comes with: 

  • a personalized handbook full of recipes, 

  • nutritional information, 

  • lifestyle tips and other information. 

Common goals and conditions that can be supported nutritionally: 

  • Weight loss and weight gain, 

  • IBS and other gastrointestinal conditions, 

  • food intolerances, 

  • skin health, 

  • type 2 diabetes, 

  • sugar cravings, 

  • high blood pressure, 

  • hormonal health (menopause, PCOS, etc.),

  • support your immune system


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Ewell Chiropractic
9A Cheam Road, Ewell, Epsom KT17 1SP

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Our practice is next to the central car park in the Ewell village if you travel by car. And just a 10-minute wander from both train stations in Ewell.

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