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60 mins - £82
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Welcome to our bright and cheery chiropractic practice! Your care will follow three phases.

Phase one
1 hour
Your Initial Consultation

Listening and understanding.

  • A review of your health and life history to understand your current health issues.
  • A comprehensive physical examination.
  • An explanation of your condition and what we can do to help you.
  • Agreeing a care plan tailored to your needs. Focusing on the things that challenge your health:

  • Your first treatment* (chiropractic adjustment).
  • This initial consultation costs £82.

*Unless there are some issues that we feel need more investigation, we will advise you of this and make any onward referral. Once we have ruled out anything more serious, many problems are functional problems (either physical, chemical or even emotionally driven).

You are encouraged to ask questions, and having someone with you can help you remember what was discussed.

Phase two
6-12 weeks
Your Care Plan

Implementing the plan.

  • Chiropractic care (in-clinic).
  • Expanding your awareness of your inner and outer world.
  • Moving more.
  • Practicing what we teach you during the visit .
  • Reevaluation visit at around 6/7th visit.

Regularly scheduled reevaluations will help us see what progress has been made and know if we need to change anything in the plan.

Unlike taking a pain killer, which can sometimes provide instant but temporary relief, chiropractic aims to create lasting change to your body function. This does need time and some repetition. Consider that an acute soft tissue injury takes at least 6weeks to heal. Often we are dealing with problems that have been there for much longer.

Much like when we start an exercise plan at the gym, we need to make regular visits to create change. Once they have experienced how a well functioning body should feel, most of our clients continue with chiropractic as part of their lifestyle toolkit.

Phase three
Check-up Visits

Supporting your progress.

  • Chiropractic 'check-ups'.
  • Rehabilitation exercises.
  • Strength work.
  • Health coaching from your chiropractor.

Chiropractic care exists as a tool in your self-care toolbox.  

For many of our clients by this stage they are enjoying greater ease in their body and now want to maintain this state with regular movement and strength work.

Movement, nutrition and emotional/mindset recommendations will support your chiropractic care and are essential parts of your plan. Regular checks with your chiropractor can help you maintain your goals and help you commit to new ones.  If this is something you see value in then a regular checks can be agreed between you and your chiropractor.

"People often don't realise just how good they should feel"

- Clare Cullen

Meet our chiropractors

Dr Clare Cullen
Doctor of Chiropractic
Chiropractor & Founder

Registered with the GCC, SOT europe and the UCA.

Dr Nikky Popham
Doctor of Chiropractic

Registered with the GCC and the UCA.

We are registered chiropractors with:

Our approach to education

Our goal is to ensure that every client understands how the nervous system works – and its responsibility for the function of all the organs and muscles in the body.

You will be given helpful information at every visit and encouraged to ask questions.

Every fortnight we present a Half Hour to Health workshop at the practice. We’ll provide an overview of chiropractic and how it fits into people’s health toolkit. Nutrition and exercise also will be addressed.

We have many clients who first attended the workshops back when the practice opened in 1990. Today, they are clients and understand that chiropractic is about much more than fixing back pain.

8am - 2pm
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Ewell Chiropractic
9A Cheam Road, Ewell, Epsom KT17 1SP

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Our practice is next to the central car park in the Ewell village if you travel by car. And just a 10-minute wander from both train stations in Ewell.

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