Do you trust your body?

Every single one of our incredible human bodies has the power to make changes even when faced with a health challenge.

But many of us have lost our connection and trust in our natural, internal healing potential.

Welcome the source of empowered health in Ewell.

Ewell is a place for connection and movement.

Connection within ourselves and with other humans.

Movement of ourselves and within our natural world.

A space that removes the fear our bodies face when not moving correctly and encourages restoration of function. We empower vitality and healing within our Ewell community.

Life is precious. Look for the good stuff. Wake up and become aware of the incredible energy around you.

- Dr Clare Cullen (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Get ready to thrive through our three core areas of human possibility

We are a chiropractic and natural health centre in Ewell, Epsom. Specialising in chiropractic, nutritional and conscious healing.

Physical healing

How often do you consciously think about the way you stand? Where do you direct your breath when you breathe?

Nutritional healing

You are what you eat. Food is information for your body and what you eat is either moving you toward health or away from health.

Conscious healing

Your thoughts create your reality. There is a reason we value the mind at the top of this hierarchy of healing.

Ready to get your body moving and grooving with us?


Monday to Thursday


Sunday & Holidays


Ewell Chiropractic
9A Cheam Road, Ewell, Epsom KT17 1SP

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Our practice is next to the central car park in the Ewell village if you travel by car. And just a 10-minute wander from both train stations in Ewell.

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