The story of Ewell

One sunny summer afternoon in 1990, a chiropractor walked into the local Ewell pharmacy at 9A Cheam Road to discuss renting out a small room available at the back of the building.

In a conventional age, when the community was accustomed to a medical model of care, the chiropractor was met with ridicule from the pharmacy assistants.

Though he was repeatedly told he wouldn't last two weeks, the chiropractor's faith, passion and trust in his ability to help his community of Ewell with drug-free treatments motivated him to keep going through these early days. Vitalistic chiropractic care and making a lasting difference in his patients' lives were his guiding principles.

Within a short time, the small room in the back of the pharmacy began to boom. The chiropractor had begun transforming the health of the community of Ewell and beyond. To the surprise of the pharmacy owner, the majority of new patients visiting 9A Cheam Road were seeking chiropractic treatment, not pharmaceuticals.

By 1992, in just two years, the chiropractor had moved from the small back room to leasing the whole building, and his success of healing Ewell ran through to 2021.

Before passing in August 2021, the chiropractor handed the business over to his associate, a fellow chiropractor he knew well and trusted to continue the legacy and legend of Ewell Chiropractic, Dr Clare Cullen.

With an aligned passion and energy for providing vitalistic care to the community of Ewell, Clare got to work to steer the health of her practice community into a new era following the complications of 2020.

2020 was a year that people across the globe had a wake-up call for reconsidering their health and lifestyle choices. 

Clare made the commitment to inspire her client community to follow a vitalistic approach towards life.

Today, Ewell Chiropractic is a place for connection and movement

Connection within ourselves and with other humans. 

Movement, both on the micro-level within the body’s system and the ways the body moves within the natural world.

A space that removes the fear our bodies face when not moving correctly. We encourage restoration of function and empower vitality within the Ewell community.

"The body has an incredible power to heal even when faced with health challenges. It seems humans have lost their connection to, and their trust in, internal healing potential. We educate, inspire and direct our community to move on a physical, cellular and energetic level.

Don't stop moving. Empowering your health."

Clare Cullen
Director & Chiropractor
Ewell Chiropractic


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Ewell Chiropractic
9A Cheam Road, Ewell, Epsom KT17 1SP

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Our practice is next to the central car park in the Ewell village if you travel by car. And just a 10-minute wander from both train stations in Ewell.

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